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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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“Who Am I”? Man



Strictly speaking, this is not the correct title for this character type.  The title should read (“Don’t You Know Who I Am”? Man), but this title was too long for the page button.  There was once a documentary programme on British television, which explored the world of bar staff in pubs and clubs throughout the land.  The programme revealed the tricks of the trade and also the attitudes of customers to bar staff.  When every member of staff was independently asked to describe the worst type of customer, every single one of them gave the same answer by retelling the words that they dread hearing, namely, “Don’t you know who I am”?


These dreaded words which seem to be demanding of respect, seem instead to encourage the most profound disrespect in the listener.  Respect for people who have earned their position in life from their own efforts, is almost guaranteed.  When respect is demanded, often simply by dint of birth, the disrespect is usually universal.  


The chance that the originator of a very successful business will have offspring with the same business acumen, is statistically minute.  The best course of action that can be taken in such circumstances, is to set the offspring up in a different business in a different location and let them sink or swim according to their own abilities.  


This character type has been experienced a frightening number of times by Moorcroft Computer Services.  In many cases, when these people have been brought into the original and successful business, this has caused arguably, a multitude of new problems.  


Should Moorcroft Computer Services ever encounter one of these scenarios, where the relatives are given more authority in  a business and run it as successfully as the original founders, then the good news will be shouted from the roof tops.  Until that day arrives however, Moorcroft Computer Services will remain firmly of the opinion that NEPOTISM SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK.  





The same problem can often exist when marital partners, or brother or sisters or in-laws are brought into a business.  Not all such individuals have poor business sense, or may have only sleeping roles, but the worst case witnessed was one such person who was a director with severe dyslexia.  He managed to cover up this failing for a long time, but others had to undertake heavy extra responsibilities to cover for him and not surprisingly, without gratitude.