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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Trimloss Secrets



The methods by which Trimloss produces lower material and labour costs and better work organisation than its rivals, is by the use of very clever innovations at the core of the optimisation process.  The intensity of effort that has gone into these innovations is not dissimilar to the strive for perfection of performance in the world of Formula 1 racing cars.  Most other optimisers have not been developed with such dedication to achieve such improved performance, relying more on features which assist in trying to reduce the chaos of a manually organised shop floor, features which are totally unnecessary in Trimloss.  When potential customers ask our competitors about the unique features of Trimloss compared to their products, we have been told that a common reply is that they “...can do it either way”.  What that reply omits to mention is that the superior Trimloss features can be used only by buying Trimloss and not their products.  The words “gets” and “snidey” spring to mind.  Also when potential customers remind our competitors of the significantly advanced production capabilities of Trimloss, an often used reply attempting to be dismissive of our superiority is, “Oh things have moved on”.  This is complete and utter kidology which only the very gullible would believe.  

Mathematical Ingenuity.

(XYZ) versus (Point to Point).

Variable Minimum Trim Width.

Alternate Stock Size Feature.

Off Cut Maximisation Feature.

Off Cut Aging Feature.

Advanced Shape Cutting.

Complete Racking Instructions.

Hand Cutting Instructions.

Co-Ordinated Unit Assembly.



As a result of these innovations, Trimloss not only gives more profitable results than its rivals on comparable batches, but is also able to take advantage of the increased profit benefits of larger batches.  It does this without the negative impact on shop floor organisation that can result with some other optimisers because the features listed here all work without compromising each other and are nearly all unique to Trimloss.  


Now start pressing the feature buttons on the left, to reveal all the secrets.  


A Spooky Story


One very still night, a security man was patrolling the glass shop of a Trimloss user.  His attention was drawn by some noises he thought were coming from the vicinity of the cutting table.  As he drew closer, he thought he could hear sobbing noises coming from the cullet bin.  When he reached the bin, the noises stopped, so he peered into the bin to identify the source.  Inside the bin, there were only meagre strips of glass.  Thinking that it must have been his imagination working overtime, he started walking away.  He had gone only a few paces when he heard the distinct words, “Please Sir, can I have some more”?  


Who the Dickens said this story was true?  

Alan Turing - NOW PARDONED


“The father of computing”


 Alan Turing Web Site







A Remarkable Story


About 22 years after this picture was taken, this man visited my home to talk about a computer course.  My father was present in the meeting and as the discussions were winding up, he proudly announced that I was a flying instructor with 633 Squadron.  This very modest man then responded that he was one of the Dam Busters.  My father and I were both in awe at this accidental revelation.  In recent times, I explored this man’s contribution to the raid.  His name is William Townsend and he was the leader of the 5 bombers of the reserve formation.  These aircraft were the last to depart RAF Scampton at 00:30 hours.  Only soon after that, did they know which dams they were to attack.  One of his five bombers was sent to the Sorpe dam because it had not been breached in the earlier operation.  Townsend was ordered to attack the Ennepe dam, but the remaining three bombers with him were shot down before reaching the target.  Townsend continued the attack alone and without the aid of towers on the dam and after many attempts to align his aircraft for a successful release, he dropped his bomb.  With the crippling difficulty of having to judge the distance to the dam simply by eye, his bomb was dropped about 0.15 seconds too early, making it explode about 50 feet short.  The dam consequently did not break, but for his supreme effort in that lone attack, he was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, which in merit, is second only to the Victoria Cross.  RESPECT||| Townsend’s attack on the Ennepe dam is little repeated in the annals of that awe inspiring raid.  

Winning loyal and sufficiently high volume customers, who are prepared to pay prices which leave you with a healthy profit, is the most important objective for a sealed unit manufacturer.


The second most important objective is that the best glass optimiser in the world, Trimloss, is used to control production.   The resulting reliable and higher quality service will then also assist in achieving the first objective