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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Support / Maintenance



It is usual for software suppliers to the glass trade to charge an annual fee to cover the costs of support and maintenance of the software.  This fee is often around 15% of the original purchase price of the software, EVERY YEAR.  The support and maintenance percentage that we charge is 0%.  Yes, that is zero percent – in other words, nothing, zilch, zip, diddly-squat.  The reason we do this is because our software works and if anything goes wrong, we see it as our fault and so we fix it free of charge.  The only times we would ask for anything extra for UPS or Trimloss, is for any software upgrades you choose to take, or for extra staff training due to your staff turnover, or holidays.  All these extras however are yours to choose to buy or not to buy.  





If you ever have a problem with our UPS or Trimloss software, you just give us a call - FREE OF CHARGE.  

When our competitors charge you for covering for their mistakes, some have in the past offered a choice of support packages.  The term “24 hour response”, can mean that they wait for 24 hours before even responding to your call for help.  It may take much longer than that before your problem is resolved.  This encourages their customers to upgrade to the more expensive support packages.  If also, you fail to pay any support renewal fee, then we have heard of many instances of customers being denied support.  


A completely different method of charging for support / maintenance is now becoming more common amongst our competitors.  The charge is for time spent on the telephone.  The customer not only pays the software vendor a very high rate per hour, but also has to call on the most expensive rate telephone numbers (eg dialling code 0843 and 0844 at possibly more than £6 per minute).  Several companies paying by this method have told us that they find these combined charges extremely high and are even incurred when the problem lies with faults in the software, faults which may then still not be fixed.  

An eight year old once alighted this paddle steamer in this beautiful sheltered cove, climbed the cliffs above this vantage point and looked out from the Jurassic coastline, over a glistening sea.  


This experience was just one of the inspirations for writing the Trimloss optimiser more than 20 years later.  

PS Consul 1896 - 1968 at   Lulworth Cove, Dorset