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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Slot Racks



Because of the need with Trimloss to come up with complete shop floor solutions, and because slot racking is now a vital part of a successful operation, we have become involved with the design, marketing and sales of a completely new slot rack called the CoatSafe-60.  Another reason for this new design is that previously available slot racks were discovered to be quite inadequate when handling soft coat Low E glasses.  Eventually operators would learn to be much more careful using these older slot racks, so that they managed to reduce the initially very high rejection rates due to damaged coatings.  They did this however, at the great price of having to endure very much slower operation, whether in racking the glass, or removing it from the slot rack.  Labour costs therefore escalated.  


Because of its unique design, the CoatSafe-60 is far less likely to damage soft coat Low E glasses.  Operators can therefore work at speeds more comparable with those for hard coat Low E glasses.  The benefits of the CoatSafe-60 are so great, that the pay back period on their investment is usually very small.  

The racks illustrated here are an earlier version of the current model, which now has rollers on the short base protruding at the front.  This makes it much simpler to rack and unrack glass.  


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Stop Press


There is now a brand new design of glass rack emerging from our think tank.  This design has no dividers and therefore no possibility for the glass to slide against the supports.  The operations of glass racking and unracking with this innovative design can confidently be carried out at greater speed.