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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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About Trimloss

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Mathematical Ingenuity

(XYZ) versus (Point to Point)

Variable Minimum Trim Width

Alternate Stock Size Feature

Off Cut Maximisation Feature

Off Cut Aging Feature

Advanced Shape Cutting

Complete Racking Instructions

Hand Cutting Instructions

Co-Ordinated Unit Assembly

About Order Input

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Optimiser Scrappage Scheme

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About Potential Customers

8x4 Man

Academia Man

Titus Fistus Man

Tightrope Man

Playground Man

"I'm With You" Man

"Who Am I"? Man

"I Know It All" Man

"I'm Always Right" Man

About Purchasing Mistakes

P/M/1  Thoughtless Delegation

P/M/2  Amateur Designer

P/M/3  "I'm Doing It My Way"

P/M/4  Buddies

P/M/5  It's Easy Peasy

P/M/6  Cheapskate

P/M/7  Only The Dearest

P/M/8  "I Want Your Job"

P/M/9  Receiver's Mugs

P/M/10  Buying The Wrong Spec

P/M/11  Put In Backwards

P/M/12  "It's Going Backwards"

P/M/13  Glass Racking Expert

P/M/14  "Of Course It Will Fit In"

P/M/15  One Glass Type / Table

P/M/16  Undersize Toughening

P/M/17  Emperor's Magic Suit

P/M/18  Bar Code Scanning

About Operational Mistakes

O/M/1  Irreversible Investment

O/M/2  "There's No Room"

O/M/3  "I'm Running It My Way"

O/M/4  One Glass Type / Table

O/M/5  Lions Led By Donkeys

O/M/6  Toughening Needs Skill

O/M/7  Flow System Gremlins

O/M/8  Delayed Appreciation

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Slot Racks

Break Out Displays

Super Spacer Line Software

Optimised Spacer Bar Cutting

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It is not necessary to read every page on this web site to begin appreciating the quality of Trimloss optimisation and its practical application to a very successful shop floor environment.  Just double click on the page titles that interest you.  

If you are not prejudiced against people who have worked for Her Majesty’s armed forces, or by people’s gender or religion, then switch to Trimloss optimisation software and steal a lead over some of your competitors.