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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Purchasing Mistake 9 - Receiver’s Mugs



Many buyers are often tempted to buy equipment from liquidation sales, simply because it is cheap, but without checking its suitability for the optimiser and the glass shop.  If software is purchased in this way, even as part of a package combined with equipment like a glass cutting table, then buyers should be aware that software licence agreements, for any type of software, are not usually transferable without agreement from the software supplier.  

The software suppliers may want to charge the majority of the original purchase price to make sure that their product is correctly installed and all operatives are correctly trained.  Receivers please take note, because these people are often the worst offenders in ignoring this legal restriction.  

Another note of caution needs to be voiced about liquidation sales.  When a company has gone into receivership, it is very often because the quality of the previous management’s buying decisions has been somewhat less than ideal.  This means that in these sales, there is a very much higher proportion of poorer quality goods.  The inferior quality can be for many reasons, but the most prominent, is the fact that equipment was purchased for low price rather than good performance, or value for money.  It therefore tends to be the same inferior makes and models of equipment that keep reappearing at these sales.  The new owners then proudly boast of what they believe initially to be a good bargain.  

On the Home page of this web site, there is a button called “About Expected Trimloss Productivity”.  The productivity figures on this page are probably the best in the industry, but inferior equipment of any type can be expected severely to impair productivity or product quality in a glass shop and might even make for a less safe working environment