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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Purchasing Mistake 4 - Buddies



We never cease to hear about people being scammed when buying tickets on line for major events.  It is some unscrupulous people who also suffer from the same gullibility who know how to exploit the same weakness in their victims.  It is common in such cases, that the buyer will believe every word from the sales person, even when it can be proven that at least some of the sales patter is more fiction than fact.  An unscrupulous software supplier to the glass trade might in this way, massage a prospective buyer’s ego by convincing him that he is “going places”.  Even after a buyer realises that he has been misled by an unscrupulous supplier, there is often still a continuing denial, out of feelings of misplaced loyalty.  Sales people selling to very gullible people often enjoy early success at the point of the original sale, but then have a very poor track record when it comes to retaining customers.  THIS IS THE MOST COMMON MISTAKE TO BE SEEN IN POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, BECAUSE THE SALES PERSON KNOWS THAT THE GULLIBLE CUSTOMER WILL BELIEVE ALMOST EVERY WORD HE SPEAKS, WHETHER OR NOT IT IS TRUE.  Even some notable Meercats have the ability to convince millions of people that they know what they are talking about.  


What potential software customers should of course do, is carry out a full evaluation of the different contenders.  Sometimes however, vendors take advantage of the gullibility of potential customers by convincing them that their support is second to none because they are best friends.  



An unscrupulous salesman can also suggest product features which might sound amazing to people with little or no glass production experience, but which in practice are worse than useless.  Gullible people however will often fall for these selling tactics especially when the salesman only hints at first at these features, to let the victim then echo the same ideas, then believing that he or she thought up the ideas themselves.  At this point, the victim has taken the bait and is permanently hooked.  Showing a copy of the same batch of work with much better results from Trimloss, will not then have any success in persuading them that “their” ideas are rubbish.