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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Purchasing Mistake 13 - Glass Racking Expert



An extremely common mistake, is for buyers to acquire glass racking which is completely unsuitable for the glass being used.  It is vital that easily PORTABLE slot racks are now used.  Now that both leaves of a sealed unit are nearly always different, neither “A” nor “L” frames should be used, neither should any racking which for whatever reason is in fixed positions on the shop floor.  It is important that after racks have been filled at the end of cutting a batch of glass, that these racks can easily be transported to the ideal place for the next operation so that fresh racks can then be wheeled in to continue high productivity at the cutting table.  The quality of the slot racking also needs to be adequate when using soft coat Low E glasses.  (See - Supporting Acts / Slot Racks).  



When triple and quadruple glazing become more common, the need for the correct design of slot racks will become even more acute.