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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Optimiser Scrappage Scheme



A common reaction on discovering the often large benefits that Trimloss can achieve for a glass company against their current optimiser, is the reluctance to accept that an original software choice may not have been the best.  










If your current optimiser is harming your profit margins - replace it with no negative cash flow.  This could yield not only lower glass waste, but also reduced labour costs, reduced customer lead times, increased product quality and reduced rejection rates and yes, I nearly forgot, happier shareholders.  What are you waiting for?  





For a glass shop cutting 2000 sealed units a week, then for every 1% that Trimloss reduces the waste, we can save around   £6,500 per annum in material waste alone.  Typically we find that material savings can be anything from 2% to 8%, depending on which rival optimiser is being used.  The savings in labour costs can be several times greater.  To find out what savings you would actually experience, let us carry out a no cost and no obligation comparison with your existing software.  

Sometimes glass company managers feel that they have made a valuable contribution to their company’s profits by helping their original software supplier to develop the best system design and performance.  It is therefore understandably very difficult for them to accept a software change even when the new software can be proven to have much better benefits.  

In rarer cases, where glass companies have benefited from a large capital investment by either merchant banks or government grants, project managers, highly qualified in accountancy and information technology, but naïve about the glass trade, usually supervise the investment.  Consequently they turn to guidance from the companies skilled glass people, but whose experience (often gained running their companies on a low turnover, cottage industry basis) is not yet versed in highly coordinated production systems as supported by Trimloss.  Therefore, with limited understanding of the big picture, the project managers choose what other people with similar naivety, perceive as the safest software choice.  This is often the most expensive, though probably not the best performing software.  This is why these companies’ product lead times and selling prices can often easily be beaten by much smaller competitors.  


Whatever the background to the original software selections, priority is often given to the software features instead of tangible benefits.  The pursuit of these features can easily conceal and impede the necessity to compare and prove the achievable benefits of different software products.  


Our optimiser scrappage scheme is a formula to amend previous choices without having to write off an existing financial investment.  


What we do firstly is to carry out all the work of comparing Trimloss results against the performance of your current optimiser.  When we have proven that the benefits and improvements merit changing software, then we will calculate and agree a monthly financial saving that Trimloss can yield in just the reduced material waste.  This saving is computed against the expenditure on the current optimiser to arrive at a realistic pay back period, which can often be as little as six months.  


If, and only if, there is then mutual agreement for the scrappage scheme to be implemented, then we initially install Trimloss and train all your staff in its use without any immediate charge.  Your company then gets the extra benefits of Trimloss for the agreed pay back period.  


At the end of the pay back period, your company pays us each month, only half of the agreed monthly savings, until the total of those payments amounts to twice what was paid for the original optimiser.  During this payment period, your company is still better off than remaining with the old software and for larger companies, there are also large potential savings in labour costs.  For us, implementing the scrappage scheme is a long term investment whilst for you, it is a no risk and no negative cash flow solution.  

For this scheme to work there needs to be a high degree of mutual trust and all terms and conditions need to be contractually formalised.  There are also the conditions that the switch from your current software to Trimloss needs to be total and you will need to implement and adhere to, all operational procedures that we recommend.  


This optimiser scrappage scheme is currently limited to the UK and the Irish Republic, although slightly less generous terms may be offered for other parts of the world.  The optimiser scrappage scheme may be withdrawn or its terms modified without notice.  For any customers who agree that Trimloss is a better solution, but who do not want to take advantage of the scrappage scheme, then normal pricing terms can still apply.  


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