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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Optimised Spacer Bar Cutting


When using any rigid spacer bar, there is an option in Trimloss to provide the operator of the spacer bar saw with detailed and optimised cutting instructions.  These instructions work from the same order input data as the glass optimiser and automatically prioritise the highest volume materials first, working then towards the lowest volume materials.  Because there are more than 160 possible combinations of spacer bar material/thickness/colour, ALL the required optimisations are performed AUTOMATICALLY from just one operator request.  There can be two optimisations for each material/thickness/colour, one cutting two stock lengths at a time, for speed on rectangular units and one cutting singles for shape units.  We believe that these shape spacer bar length calculations are UNIQUE to Trimloss.  

The optimisation of every spacer bar material/thickness/colour uses definition files containing detailed descriptions and the available spacer bar stock lengths and their quantities and the saw blade width.  There are more than 160 of these files, but we do the initial set up for you.  You need only update any changes to stock sizes.  

The amount of spacer bar material removed on the final saw cut of each optimised stock length, usually varies between 0mm and 3mm, until reaching the last two optimised stock lengths.  The very last optimised stock length usually contains a re-useable off-cut which it is possible to utilise on a following optimisation.  The last but one optimised stock length sometimes contains an off-cut of around 100mm to 200mm.  This is then clearly the only significant off-cut in the whole optimisation run.  Expressed as a percentage, the total of all the throw away off-cuts in each optimisation of the higher volume spacer bars, is typically around 0.125%.  


For this optimised spacer bar cutting system to be very easy and quick for the operator of the automatic spacer bar saw, there is compatible software on the console of the saw.  This shows all the stock lengths and their quantities used in each optimisation, along with the criticality of the stock length by showing how much spacer material is removed on the final cut of each optimised length.  There is also a considerable speed advantage on the automatic saw because it then positions the stop automatically at the correct position for the next cut.  Naturally, only certain spacer saws will be capable of reading and utilising this optimised data.  As long as the saw is from the correct stable however, the necessary enhancements can be retrofitted.  (Contact us for the names of the ONLY approved spacer saws for our optimised output.)  The optimised spacer bar cutting instructions can still be cut on an ordinary manual saw, although without the speed advantage of the automatic saw with the enhanced software to enable automatic stop positioning.  

All Trimloss spacer bar cutting by whatever method, contains racking instructions to put the cut bar lengths into the correct sequence to match up with the glass and the final unit label at the sealed unit line.  

A variation which Trimloss is increasingly required to handle, is the fact that the spacer inset from the outer edge of the glass to the inner spacer bar line is no longer a constant figure.  This is not only because of slight variations in the different dimensions of different types of spacer bar, but also because there are now some very thin spacer bars designed to be concealed by the narrow glazing bars in traditional Victorian windows.  Because the spacer bar optimisation process is automatic and because a different spacer bar inset affects the final spacer bar length, Trimloss has to know the required spacer bar inset before optimising.  There is then total confidence that the correct spacer bar lengths will be cut, without the need for any manual adjustments.  Correct spacer bar length adjustments are also applied when specifying gas corner pieces, or even simulated gas corner pieces.  


Because the possible variety of spacer bar material/thickness/colour is exploding and because the purchase prices are also exploding with the ever increasing requirement for warm edge technology, the justification for this powerful Trimloss spacer bar optimiser becomes a no-brainer.  This is not just in terms of its compliance with technical requirements, but also in terms of material and labour cost savings and the seamless matching of spacer bars with the optimised glass, enabled only by using OUR PURPOSE DESIGNED SPACER BAR RACKING.  (Read more about this in future updates).




WARNING  -  It is known that some sealed unit manufacturers have been duped into believing that all software links to spacer saws are optimised.  THEY ARE NOT.  We believe that Trimloss is the ONLY optimiser for spacers.  

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Contact us for the names of the ONLY approved spacer saws for our optimised output.  


We have a wealth of experience in glass cutting, glass edge deletion and spacer bar preparation.  This is especially important for shape units.  When buying new equipment, do not make any decisions until you have taken our advice concerning:  



• Equipment Compatibility


• Speed and Accuracy of



• Value for Money


• Equipment Reliability


• Quality of Vendor











With compulsory CE accreditation, some installers will have to switch to warm edge spacer, to comply with building regulations.  The ratio of warm edge to non warm edge for these installers, will probably change from 50/50 to 90/10.