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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Operational Mistake 6 - Toughening Needs Skill



When operating with a toughening plant, some companies treat it as just another machine, which after pressing the appropriate buttons, churns out toughened glass.  


Experienced people in the industry will tell you that a toughening plant has so many variables, that it needs to be treated like a highly strung and very temperamental woman.  The skilled operator will take care to follow the golden rules for loading the bed with glass, he will adjust the type of bed load on the console, and he will also adjust the cycle time on each bed load according to the sizes of glass.  He will also call upon his experience to make adjustments for the ambient air temperature, especially the quench air and he may even miss out an occasional bed load to allow an oven to regain a bit more temperature.  In short, he will know his machine better than he knows his wife.  The end result of all this loving care is high quality toughened glass with minimal breakages minimal rejection rates and improved safety for the workforce.  


The problem is that very few companies with toughening plants bother to recognise the need for such an experienced operator with the result that they often produce not only poor quality, but positively dangerous toughened glass.  The law now allows for a plant manager whose toughened glass has caused a death, to face an automatic charge of corporate manslaughter.  Isn’t the argument for doing the job properly a no-brainer?