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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services

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by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services


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Operational Mistake 2 - There’s No Room



“We do not have the room to use your software”.  This is another remark often heard from those who are hell bent on staying in the past, even when detailed examination of their concerns prove them to be completely groundless.  The first company manager who said this to us, even though his wife disagreed with him, did not want to take advantage of the potentially huge savings in labour costs that Trimloss could have brought him.  At that time, his negative attitude was extremely puzzling.  

If shop floor space is limited, as is often the case, slightly smaller optimisation batches could be considered.  If there are insufficient slot racks to hold all the desired work in progress, then temporary “A” frame racking could be considered before slot racking each rack number, one by one, just prior to the next operation, whether it be unit assembly, or loading a vehicle.  Glass shop managers who make this remark, usually waste a great deal of space with their own production techniques and have higher lead times, greater material waste and higher labour costs.   The first manager who made this remark, as described above, was not unduly worried by higher labour costs because we have now learned that he was in receipt of massive Government subsidies for his workforce.  Aren’t these subsidies in breach of UK and European Anti Competition Legislation?