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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services

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by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services


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Operational Mistake 1 - Irreversible Investment



“We have already made our investment”.  This is a remark we often hear from dogmatists who choose to ignore the extra benefits that Trimloss can bring them, benefits which can easily justify the new investment, even when it is part of a no negative cash flow package.  (See – Optimiser Scrappage Scheme on the Home Page).  Very often, the reason for making the remark quoted above, is because the person who said it, is in denial of the fact that he or she, has made a wrong decision in the choice of current software, usually because of a failure to appreciate its importance.  

The only way this intransigence can be overcome is for the manager to accept that the future starts today.