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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Off Cut Aging Feature



Trimloss has parameters to define the minimum dimension and the minimum area for any off cut which is to be considered re-usable.  Trimloss then produces two percentage waste figures, the pessimistic one, which assumes that all off cuts are thrown away, and the optimistic one, which assumes that the re-usable off cuts only,are saved for future use.  Off cuts saved in this way can either be left under manual control, or can be committed back to the Trimloss stock and off cut control system, for re-use on later optimisation runs.  





Re-using the larger of these off cuts is never a problem and their availability can be a useful supplement to the “Alternate Stock Size Feature” in reducing both the size and quantity of newly generated off cuts.  The smaller re-usable off cuts however are much less likely to be chosen on future optimisation runs, so they are automatically aged so that the older they become, the more likely they are to be selected and not be left indefinitely unused.  Even so, the operator can periodically flush out any very old re-usable off cuts and perhaps then review the minimum dimension and area definition of a re-usable off cut.  This off cut aging feature, is just one more utilisation of mathematical decision theory in Trimloss.