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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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P/M/17  Emperor's Magic Suit.

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About Purchasing Mistakes



We encounter all sorts of purchasing mistakes all the time and sometimes after receiving an order for Trimloss, we discover that the customer has made it impossible for us to carry out the installation because classic mistakes have been made.  


We will advise potential Trimloss customers FREE OF CHARGE to help them avoid these classic mistakes and even help them to achieve a better design of shop floor layout which allows the planned level of customer lead times, the planned level of work in progress and most importantly, the planned level of productivity.  (See – “About Expected Trimloss Productivity” button on the home page).  

There are certain large companies who freely offer advice to people starting up or expanding a glass shop.  There are also advisory bodies, either working independently, or through government backing as part of schemes to allocate financial grants for training or development.  These advisors work in a completely different way to Moorcroft Computer Services and the way in which we install UPS and Trimloss.  This is usually because these advisors are interested only in their narrow financial spending control objectives and not in the main criteria of reducing material waste and labour costs, whilst having realistic and achievable expansion plans for marketing, sales and production.  (See - “Purchasing Mistake 17 - Emperor’s Magic Suit” button on the left).  Another very common mistake, is to believe false claims that our very advanced features, are available in competitors software, if not now, then in the near future.  These beliefs are completely flawed, because some of our features are so technically advanced, yet very easy to use, that we confidently predict that the vast majority of them will NEVER be available from our competitors.  These false claims may even be suggested by other suppliers to the industry, either because, they have been gullible, or because they are in receipt of sales commission from a competitor.  

Sometimes, customers’ enthusiasm gives rise to some very good ideas about organising their businesses.  Sometimes however, their enthusiasm can lead to what we know with our vast experience, to be some very impractical ideas or else assumptions that the smooth and organised running of Trimloss, with its very efficient material and labour usage, can automatically be achieved with our rivals’ software.  When this occurs, we have the integrity to be brutally honest, a policy which may further drive these people to our competitors, because we tell them what they need to know and not necessarily what they want to know.  In a few cases, these people have then contacted us several months later with a catalogue of various complaints about their poor choice of our rival’s software.  Unfortunately, there have also been a few cases of these customers choosing rival software which they have been using until the day they go into receivership, a situation which we then feel we have made every attempt to help them avoid.  


”Oops-a-daisy! I’ve dropped my fecking spanner”.  

Now, if you feel brave enough, start pressing the Purchasing Mistake buttons on the left, to see not only how many errors you have made in the past, but more importantly, how best to avoid errors in the future.    

High above Munster Joinery main factory in

Ballydesmond, County Cork, Republic of Ireland.  


Munster Joinery main factory in Ballydesmond, County Cork

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The software we sell is written entirely by ourselves, whereas software from our competitors often isn’t.  This has led to problems with their third party suppliers having huge fall outs, or being dissolved.  One competitor even illegally pilfered other software, resulting in punitive legal judgements.