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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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Trimloss and we, the software suppliers are only two parts of a system to facilitate low waste, high productivity, high product quality and small lead times in a glass shop.  There are two other ingredients which are vital to make all these aspirations work correctly.  The first is the company management, and the second is the glass shop management.  For many years, glass shop management have had to cope with computer systems whose operation requires much manual intervention on the shop floor.  They have also had to cope with an ever increasing complexity in the range of materials and products to be handled.  In the absence of software as highly developed as Trimloss, company management have always relied on glass shop management to carry out the work regardless of the difficulties, a task which they have only achieved by developing their own manual systems.  


8x4 Man.

Academia Man.

Titus Fistus Man.

Tightrope Man.

Playground Man.

"I'm With You" Man.

"Who Am I"? Man.

"I Know It All" Man.

"I'm Always Right" Man.

Now that a highly developed version of Trimloss is available however, it is time for change.  Change cannot happen unless we all recognise the strengths and weaknesses of all the characters who make up glass company management and glass shop management.  In a way, dealing with what are often very colourful characters is what makes our job as software suppliers far more rewarding, because interface with people is what makes us professional system suppliers and not just the computer geeks typical of many people working these days in IT.  

Apart from the range of character types listed here, there can be variations in intelligence, common sense, and believe it or not, the presence or absence of dyslexia.  In the population at large, about one person in thirty is said to suffer from dyslexia, but in an industry like the glass trade which is not known for demanding high academic skills, which are not generally achievable by dyslexics, then the proportion is much higher.  We have seen companies where as many as one in three of the glass shop work force is dyslexic.  Sufferers become very obvious when we try to train them.  Firstly they find it very difficulty to take in more than a few very simple facts at a time and secondly, as a defence mechanism, they will often try to divert attention away from their limitations, by being assertive about their own ideas which they can adhere to with great stubbornness.  It is not impossible to teach such people; it is just somewhat more difficult.  Being dyslexic is however a double edged sword, because these people are often very creative and innovative, especially when they have gained responsible positions in management.  

We have gained all this experience of the different character types by installing Trimloss at over 250 sites at which we have seen every possible variation in assistance, every possible variation in hindrance, crying, tantrums, laughter and a lot more besides.  For the most part, Trimloss installations are very successful and this is not just because we know how to write the best software for the glass trade, but also how to work with the great variety of its colourful characters to help individuals perform to their best ability and then in successful unison with their colleagues, by encouraging an attitude of team spirit.  Heeding our advice not only reduces the risk of company failure, but also invariably greatly increases profits.  

WARNING - Be ready for impending Health and Safety Legislation.  Find out which clowns will be required to wear high visibility codpieces.  

Before delving into the character types listed in the buttons on the left, we must warn you that anyone with a sense of humour or an irony bypass, should go away and amuse themselves doing something else instead.  Others may find it very intriguing to guess the character types of their colleagues.  

  Health & Safety Legislation

Sometimes, potential customers are very enthusiastic about their ideas for shop floor organisation.  If with our vast experience we see that some of these ideas might not be very practical, we will attempt to steer these customers in the right direction.  We have seen cases where our competitors have not taken this approach with inevitable consequences for their customers.