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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

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by Julie Moorcroft

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About Order Input


Since 1988, Moorcroft Computer Services has been working with its sister company R J Software, to develop a complete glass order processing system called Unit Production Software, or UPS for short.  Whenever the industry required new features for glass processors or for glaziers, our two companies worked together to develop the most practical and user friendly methods to achieve the best solution for both systems.  Having said that, UPS can also be used by very small companies with only low volume production, with the option to upgrade to a full Trimloss system at a later date, to achieve better shop floor efficiency and lower material waste.  


Simple Sealed Unit Pricing.

Shape Order Input.

There are some key features where UPS is far more practical than any of its competitors.  UPS was designed to be both very quick and simple to operate, whilst having the complete scope of features required by its users.  The basic functions of UPS are:  


· works orders

· quotations

· order acknowledgments

· delivery notes

· invoices

· labels or energy labels

· production and multiple sales reports for single, double, stepped, triple or quadruple units

· multiple reports exported to Excel Spreadsheet

UPS can handle new types of glass very quickly without setting up unit codes for every possible combination of glasses in a unit.  It also handles a wide range of pricing options for units and additional processes.  (See also the “Simple Sealed Unit Pricing” button on the left).  The processes for shapes, also include all the necessary shape parameter input for Trimloss, with optional steps on multiple edges, and with immediate checking of data validity.  (See also the “Shape Order Input” button on the left).  These advanced pricing features we believe will be vital in the future and are unique to UPS and Trimloss.  


UPS can send purchase orders electronically in several different industry standard formats.  Purchase orders for toughened glass can contain the correct shop floor location information which can then appear on the labels of each piece of delivered toughened glass.  This enables quick and easy sorting to achieve the full benefits of the fully co-ordinated Trimloss production system, matching the sequence of glass, spacer and customer label, as with annealed production.  

UPS can also read sales orders electronically from customers with completely different computer software, and even translate from their completely different methods of describing products, even those using the ill fated product codes described on the “Simple Sealed Unit Pricing” page.  

Sales invoices can also be posted electronically to several popular sales ledger accounts packages.

The reports which are critical for accounting purposes, cannot accidentally be printed more than once unless the operator deliberately gives permission.  Customer order items on the same order and for the same delivery date, but requiring different work in progress times, can be given appropriately different production start times so that all the items arrive at despatch at the same time, thus reducing the volume of work in progress.  The whole order can then also be delivered in one trip with one set of paperwork.  This feature does not reduce the average optimisation batch size because each optimisation can contain work for various delivery dates, which are printed on the glass rack documentation to assist progress chasing.  The dispatcher also gets independent details of all the work due to arrive in his department for each delivery date.  This feature also has no compromise of Trimloss optimisation results as can sometimes happen with rival’s “Sub” or “Child” batching.  

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UPS can also be used to sell any non glass items such as putty and can also be used to input orders quickly and easily on a trade counter.  



Shape units can be priced by true area, or the area of the smallest enclosing rectangle, this feature being specifiable individually per customer.  






This array of wonderful features does not make for complicated operation, but are instead, very easy and simple to use after our short and inclusively priced training course.