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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services

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by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services


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8x4 Man



This character is from the old school, who cut his teeth hand cutting from the original imperial sizes of stock sheets.  He often claims that he can work out the glass cutting as well as Trimloss, but that is just his professional pride swamping out his realisation of the truth.  

If this character can be sold on the benefits that Trimloss brings, he can be a tremendous asset to the operation of a glass shop.  His wealth of experience, when not accompanied by a negative attitude, means that his productivity may well border on the cosmic.  Yes, he can be that good and people like this can be worth their weight in gold.  

On the other hand, he may be as stubborn as a mule, being completely against any change.  The stubborn type may insist on many changes to recommended procedures, simply because he wants to do things his own way and not follow the tried and tested shop floor organisation of Trimloss.  His operational methods often mean severe reduction of batch sizes because his stubborn adhesion to manual methods, means that he can tackle only small amounts of work at any one time.  

This situation can also go cosmic when this character type is a glass shop manager working with a similar character type who is the administration manager.  See Operational Mistake 3 - “I’m Running It My Way”.  Moorcroft Computer Services has encountered these stubborn duos four times in the past and in each case their companies eventually went into receivership.