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17th January 2018

by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services

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by Julie Moorcroft

Moorcroft Computer Services


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This isn’t just an optimiser.

This is the original  

Trimloss World Class glass cutting optimiser

and glass sealed unit production software.

The standard  others strive to achieve.


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Trimloss CONSISTENTLY outperforms, in the ENTIRE WORLD, ALL other cutting optimisation software for flat glass.  It not only gives the LOWEST MATERIAL COSTS, but also aims to give the LOWEST LABOUR COSTS AND WORK THROUGHPUT TIMES (OFTEN AS LOW AS A THIRD OF THOSE USING OTHER SOFTWARE), by organising the complete flow of all the work in progress in just the same way as a motor car assembly plant.  It can do this in any combinations of annealed glass, toughened glass, single, double, stepped, triple or quadruple sealed units, both rectangular and shaped, with different spacer bar materials, colours and thicknesses and spacer insets, and also for Georgian, leaded and artwork sealed units.  All this is done with no sorting requirements in administration, the minimum of glass handling, the minimum of toughening bed loads, and consistently higher toughening bed yields, thus yielding higher toughening quality with lower rejection rates, whilst still keeping a fixed orientation of any roller wave in the finished windows.  Trimloss is therefore also very advanced toughened glass software.  No other glass optimiser has all these features.  

Because every single production operation is worked out in advance of the work being submitted to the shop floor, work in progress times and work completion times are accurately predictable.  This eliminates the need for cumbersome production monitoring systems, which if used would only serve to slow down production.  This advanced accurate planning of all work in progress therefore emulates a highly organised motor car assembly plant, operating a “just in time” system.  If any work does go astray, a gap in a slot rack will immediately identify the missing item, enabling quick remakes to be initiated.  All this improved organisation usually means that much shorter lead times are achievable.  

You don’t have to believe our performance claims.  You can prove at least the greater material savings for yourself, by carrying out trial runs against rival optimisers and then observe the productivity savings from the fact that Trimloss allows batches with the full mixture of work types with maximum continuity and efficiency.  Press the “Compare Your Current Optimiser” button on the left, to see how much of your current waste is avoidable.  


Try also pressing the “Supporting Acts” button on the left, to see extra products for Glass Racking, Break Out Displays, Superspacer Line Software, Optimised Spacer Bar Cutting and Energy Labels, which can all help the profitability of a glass shop.  


Rival software solutions often try to catch up with the disorganised and random work scheduling priorities practised by the worst production managers. Chasing round the shop floor to fill in for the limited production controlling ability of competitor’s software is something we do not advocate - let’s make that quite clear.  Thinking software like Trimloss, is the solution.  After simple shop floor staff training, batches of orders can then be given production slots and their completion times accurately predicted.  

The “About Expected Trimloss Productivity” button on the left, quantifies the improved performance we know can be achieved with Trimloss.  



Alternatively, e-mail us with your contact details so that we can work out your approximate glass waste and productivity figures and therefore your potential profit improvements.  We don’t massage your ego with bull ***t.  We simply tell the truth for your benefit, not ours.  


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ENFORCEMENT DAY FOR CE MARKING ON ALL SEALED UNITS, IS HERE.  Building regulations had previously been flouted by many sealed unit manufacturers.  Forced compliance will now make efficient Trimloss quality operation mandatory.  

The FREE CONTENT of this web site can greatly help avoid the failure of sealed unit companies, as well as greatly helping their profit margins.  

If you seek reinforcement that your choice of glass software was good,

when it isn’t UPS or Trimloss, you are going to be VERY DISAPPOINTED.

 See who is really telling the truth

People in glass houses should not throw phones.